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There are two ways to lead. The world’s way and God’s way.

I want to welcome you to my website. Thanks for coming. It’s my desire and prayer to serve and bless you.

Leadership is a hot topic today. How do I become a better leader? How do I identify additional leaders? How do I develop the leaders I already have?

These are questions that every leader is asking. For years, we’ve been looking to corporate and secular models for many of the answers.

With a focus on the end result– the mission, the people being led often become a means to the end. In plain terms, they get “used”.

This is not compatible with the heart of Jesus. Nor is it compatible with the way He led. Considering His credentials as the world’s greatest leader, there is much we can learn from Him.

To lead like Jesus calls for a shift…a leadershift.

May you lead like Jesus, and experience the kind of results that can only be explained by the words, “God did it!”