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  • "Big or small church, pastors or lay leaders, whatever denomination or cultural context, Don is the best."

    The Rev. Dan Chun, Senior Pastor
    First Presbyterian Church of Honolulu
    Co-founder, Hawaiian Islands Ministries
  • "What Don Cousins writes, I read.
    He's among the most insightful church experts in the world. I know from personal experience the joy of being under his leadership."

    Lee Strobel
    Author of "The Case for Christ"
  • "Don’s unique and broad perspective of leadership, coupled with his expertise, insight and compassion, has made a lasting impact on my shaping as a leader."

    Mike Kai, Senior Pastor
    Hope Chapel West O’ahu
  • "Don's teaching is clear, inspiring and most of all it calls people to a profoundly deep level of discipleship. His work in my men's ministry has literally transformed my church."

    Ian Morgan Cron
    Senior Pastor, Trinity Church
    Greenwich, CT.
  • "His biblical insights, proven experience and practical wisdom have greatly helped us move ahead to a new depth of ministry and growth."

    Mark Matheson, Senior Pastor
    Windermere Baptist Church
  • "Having Don alongside our ministry has been nothing short of remarkable...
    His wealth of experience and gift of discernment were dispensed with a servant's heart. The best investment our church has made."

    Jeff Weber
    Christ Community Church
    Greensboro, NC.
  • "I've known Don for over 30 years. Without question he is blessed with one of the finest strategic ministry minds in America. I have deeply benefited from his mentoring and friendship. He has served hundreds of leaders on all levels of responsibility, so he knows what he's talking about."

    Dan Webster
    Founder of Authentic Leadership, Inc.
  • "Don Cousins is a quintessential leader of leaders. He has spoken into my life and into the leadership team of Breakthrough Urban Ministries in ways that have profoundly affected our ministry effectiveness."

    Arola Sutter
    Founder of Breakthrough Urban Ministries


What would happen if you approached life from the inside-out?

We work hard at being happy. We pursue financial peace, provide for our families, and prepare for the unexpected. And when our circumstances are good, life is good.

But what happens when the economy is uncertain? When a loved one is ill? When challenges are beyond our control? Then life is not so good. Why is this? Because we tend to focus on life from the outside-in: We believe that if we make the outside comfortable, we’ll be satisfied inside. Yet this approach makes our joy dependent on things we can’t control.

But there’s another approach to life, where we can be free of worry, find security in tough times, and experience true, lasting joy. A way of life where we’re content no matter what. Sound difficult? It’s actually impossible. Until we bring God into the equation. And lifeshift our view from the outside-in to the inside-out.

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    • Lead your group by asking the right questions and adding real-life stories of people who are living in the realm of the unexplainable.
    • Lead your group through a discusion of the unexplainable truth that apart from the role God plays in the lives of certain people, there is no logical explanation for who they are or why they live as they do.
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    • If the Church takes to heart Don’s message about a life that is unexplainable apart from God, the Church will indeed become a force to be reckoned with in this generation.
      Allen White | Adult Discipleship Pastor, Brookwood Church
    • Most of us are in hot pursuit of the valuable commodities of contentment, success, and sifnificance. This book is like having a divine GPS through the mysterious passages of life.
      Dr. Joseph Stowell | President, Cornerstone Univesity
    • If Don explains the unexplainable work of God with such clariety and force that you’ll immediately want more of it in your life. You will love this book!
      Rory Noland | Worship Pastor, Harvest Bible Chapel
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